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Let's make beating Roy Cooper, and Electing Conservative Judges a REALITY!

Below you'll find some of our current fundraising initiatives for 2022. Please consider donating today! 2022 is TOO IMPORTANT to lose. The future of our Country, and North Carolina are at stake, and under attack by Liberal Leftist Extremism!

Conservative Courts Fund



Electing Conservative Judges is one of CCNC's primary objectives. Across our Country, bad Judges have struck good Legislation simply out of loyalty to their Leftist Agenda, NOT our Constitution. SCOTUS sent the issue of Gerrymandering back to the States, and will most likely be in front of Judges we elect next year. We need solid Conservatives who will use the Constitution as their guide, not personal agenda! We wish this wasn't an issue, but unfortunately, not everyone serves the right Convictions. Please donate today, NC is at stake!

Cooper has proven time and time again...he doesn't care about truly serving the People of North Carolina. He vetoed Legislation like the "Born Alive" Bill. Legislation that would have protected innocent babies. Instead of signing the Bill, he vetoed, allowing innocent babies to die on the table. If Cooper will leave babies to die on the table, imagine how much he cares about YOU, the Tax Paying Voter! Please donate Now! The Coalition will fight around the clock to defeat Gov. Cooper, but none of that fighting is possible without YOUR SUPPORT! A few dollars goes A LONG WAY to defeating Liberal Extremists, and Electing a Constitutional COnservative. You can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

2022 Victory Fund


The CCNC offers an extensive portfolio of people, training, statewide candidate/campaign swag distribution, coaching, branding, networking, activism, canvassing, and events. The 2022 Victory Fund is used for accrued expenses during the year, for our candidates, logistics, etc.

In addition, our distribution centers, phone banks, and activist training require significant funding, but yield huge results for Conservatives each election cycle. None of these wonderful things are possible without YOUR support! Donate now, and let's Paint NC Red!