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Training Activist effectively. Training an army of canvassers, social media warriors, and the most engaging poll working electioneers! We currently have the largest Conservative Grassroots army in NC 


Raising funds aggressively to support Candidates and Conservative Causes! Democrats AKA "the crazy left" will give ALL they have to destroy the Conservative movement and undermine our President!


The CCNC has put together a FULL schedule of activism, advocacy, and fundraising events! Our major Statewide events are called Red-Action Events! look for these on our PROJECTS page! We need YOUR help! The CCNC is nothing without our people!


Failure is not an option for us! We are a team that is fighting for America daily. We cannot be silent while Biden destroys out nation. Combining the best volunteers, strategists, and an all out fundraising and activist blitz...We WILL WIN NC  in 2022!

Welcome to the Conservative Coalition of NC!
Building the Largest Grassroots Conservative Action Organization in NC!
We serve as the central hub for Political Action, Fundraising, Education, through the participation of the largest independent PAC's and Educational Non-Profits in North Carolina. Whether Lobbying Congress, the NC General Assembly, Working Polling locations, Educating the Public, or Financially Supporting Candidates, the Coalition is ALWAYS fighting for traditional Conservative Values!

Our goal is to Paint NC Conservative Red for the Next 50 Years
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  • Pro-Life

  • Pro 2A 

  • Traditional Marriage

  • Limited Government

  • Free Market Capitalism, LEARN MORE HERE!

Our Values
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