Republican Candidates 2020!


President Donald J. Trump &

Vice President Mike Pence

President Trump's Administration has accomplished many things that NO ONE but WE THE PEOPLE  knew he would! We are Trump's biggest fan, and have made him a HUGE part of our goals for 2020! We need to win NC for Trump by 10 points in 2020!

Under President Trump, the United States is once again respected around the world.

His Administration has delivered record employment numbers for Americans from every walk of life.

Record employment for

Africans Americans

Asian Americans

Hispanic Americans

Lowest Unemployment for Women in over 50 years.

With a nation wide unemployment rate of just 3.5% (before Covid-19)

President Trump has time and time again protected the American worker.

President Trump's Administration has led our nation through the Covid-19 Global Pandemic and through precautionary actions of shutting down travel to China and Europe has saved countless lives. He has streamlined the creation of a Covid-19 vaccine. His administration has worked to provide relief to millions of Americans.  As our nation begins to recover, he is on the front lines in reopening our nation's economy swiftly and safely.  

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Dan Forest for Governor


Dan Forest is a true Conservative. A successful Businessman and the BEST Lt. Governor of our lifetime. He has never wavered on his convictions, and represents all we stand for as Christian Conservatives!

We are ALL IN for Dan Forest,


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Mark Robinson for Lt. Governor


Mark Robinson is a Patriot to the core! We have followed Mark since early 2018. When he gave the epic speech to the Greensboro City Council. From factory worker to business owner, Mark understands the challenges of everyday North Carolina Citizens.

Mark is a Christian, Constitutional Conservative, who believes in Small Government and the 2nd Amendment! 

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NC Council of State


E. C. Sykes for Secretary of State

E.C. is a successful servant-leader with fresh ideas who will guide improvements to state government through a conservative business lens. As a compassionate Christian, he will take a defining stand for family, life, and freedom.

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Dale Folwell

NC State Treasurer

Dale Folwell’s career achievements and legislative track record clearly demonstrate the traits that North Carolinians say they want in their North Carolina State Treasurer:

A conservative who consistently finds conservative and common sense solutions.

A leader who is committed to putting North Carolinians first. A strong legislative track record.

An ability to clearly demonstrate the intellectual and policy risks that are necessary to fix North Carolina.

Click HERE for the accomplishments of the first Republican Treasure in 140 years. 


Mike Causey for NC Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey is not just another candidate – he’s lived the life and understands what is involved with the insurance industry. Mike Causey has 25 years of experience working in insurance. He is also a military veteran and understands the laws.
Mike Causey is truly a “man of the people.” He’s not about fame or status – he’s just a man who cares about North Carolina and wants to make a difference in his community.

Mike Causey is making a difference and implementing needed reforms by cutting red tape, increasing transparency, and reversing years of consumer frustration over insurance claims.

Click HERE for the achievements Mike. 


Anthony Street for NC Auditor

Both my education and experience as a public servant have prepared me for further service to you. I will continue to travel around the state speaking with you, explaining why I am seeking this office while listening to your interests and concerns.


If elected to the office of State Auditor, I will work tirelessly to serve the needs of the citizens of North Carolina. I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you!

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